Catalogue of Publications

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Available Titles

D. M. Thomas - A Child of Love and War (2021)
D. M. Thomas - The Last Waltz (2021)
Thomas Cox - A Complete History of Cornwall (2020)
D. M. Thomas - Corona Man (2020)
Chris Bond & Andy Paciorek - Godmanstone Blues (2020)
D. M. Thomas - Hunters in the Snow (2014)
Derek R. Williams - Following 'An Gof' (2014)
Andrew Birtles - Chinese Whispers (2014)
Laurence Green - All Cornwall Thunders at My Door (2013)
Jessica Mann - The Fifties Mystique (2013)
Jessica Mann - Dead Woman Walking (2013)
Rod Lyon - Cornwall's Historical Wars: A Brief Introduction (2012)
Charles Thomas - Gathering the Fragments: The Selected Essays of a Groundbreaking Historian (2012)
Rod Lyon - Shut away! My early days fishing out of Newquay and things in general 'Down Quay' (2012)
Thomas Fiddick - Dowsing: With an Account of Some Original Experiments (2011)
Thomas Moule - The English Counties Delineated: Cornwall (2007)

Coming Soon

The Wheal Margaret Adventure: A Calendar of Agents’ Reports and Associated Records, 1857 to 1875 (2020)
Antiquarian Notes on the Prehistory of Cornwall (2020)

Out of Print

Chris Bond - Historical Descriptions of Camborne (2008)
Chris Bond & Andy Paciorek - Godmanstone Blues (2012)
Chris Bond - An Index to the Historical Place Names of Cornwall (2007)